Shared Themes Project

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Hello all,

I shall be away in France from tomorrow till next Monday. I have cameras to post out and they shall go when I get back.

Keep shooting!!!!


2 cameras are back, shall post results soon, 1 going to mexico today and another USA when new camera arrives



So far another camera has gone off to Israel and i shall be sending another one off to America tomorrow.


Good afternoon, well the first 2 cameras have come back; one from Norway and the other from Hong Kong so shall have the results shortly.

The next 2 are going out on Monday.



The first camera has been finished and is now on its way back to me in London, when i have the results they shall be posted online.

Thank you so far to everyone for their help :)

Theme: Animals

A new theme has been taken up by Diane, should get to work on this one soon as still need to finish the current ones.



News so far, second camera has been started with the theme ‘light’ and that shall be off to Israel.

Third camera dropped today with the theme ‘transport’ that will go to Hong Kong then back to London for me to finish in London.

Thank you all for your involvment so far.


The Project.

The Shared Themes Project is all about the sharing of different themes with different artists and photographers who are based based around the world.

The idea is that those based in different countries pick a theme and then I start a disposable camera with that theme in London using my style of photography and cultural influences. Once I have done my half I will post the camera out to you and you finish it with your style and influences and post it back to me.

It will be interesting to see how culture, lifestyle and also working practice in a different country influences people on what they think about certain themes e.g. Love, Fun, Animals etc.

The cameras I have so far.

The cameras I have so far.

Camera number one in the safe hands of Adeline in Norway.

Camera number one in the safe hands of Adeline in Norway.